Friday, October 5, 2012

EVOKE: the next stop on my Artistic Journey

Dear Fans, Friends and Family,

I am writing to invite you to the EVOKE, A Festival of LGBT APA Voices at East West Players October 11 - 14, 2012. 

Please join me one of these dates as I embark on the next level of my artistic journey as Director of this New Works Festival at East West Players. As you may know, I'm not only interested in developing my own voice, but new voices sharing new stories and creating new performance work about our complex worlds. This festival has given me an opportunity to help not only take my own risks, but support new artists as they evoke imagination, stories, place, process, memory, spirit, healing and dialogue. 

It has also given me an opportunity to work with an amazing group of new artists:
Raja Bhattar
Chueh Jun-Fung
Nguyen Nguyen
Alicia Virani
Rich Yap

I am writing to invite you to support the work in 1 of 3 ways.
1. Buy a $10 ticket
2. Make a $10 Donation
3. Invite someone to join us

Its really that simple. Join us in the house and see what I've been working on artistically. Help me nurture this new generation of voices. Donate to EWP for their leadership in not only presenting new APA theatre, but nurturing the next generation of audiences. 

We have 4 performances, please help me spread the word, support the work and nurture new voices. 

Much love and light,

Alison De La Cruz
Director, Evoke: A Festival of of LGBT APA Voices

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